Monthly Supervision via Webinar

Join the crew on our Mothership to supercharge your ability as a safe, effective and confident hypnotherapist!

As a hypnotherapist who wants to really make a difference to the world you want to do your best work with every client, yes?


You aren’t alone as so many therapists have self doubt. 

But sometimes that voice in your head kicks off and you get to wonder if you know enough to deal with some problems. Maybe a ‘not good enough’ feeling creeps in? Or, you ask yourself, did my course give me the best training? And you doubt your ability to deal with more complex cases. 


So the career you longed for can feel full of self doubt and concern.


The more complex the clients issues the more you reflect if you know enough.

Not sure which approach is for the best for this client.


And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when a client tells you all the areas where they struggle.


The expression ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ comes to mind when I hear authentic therapists like you tell me how they are feeling. 


You ask yourself is this script right? Is this depression or PTSD? What am I treating here? I’m just not sure? 

That’s why I set up ‘Changing Lives’ membership group. For people just like you who have some good therapy or hypnotherapy skills but want to expand your knowledge, feel more confident and be supported by experts in the field, and belong a group that has your back.


I have been a practicing hypnotherapist and coach for nearly 20 years and have coached and trained thousands of people. 


Many of our qualified students wanted to continue to learn from myself and our supervisors, and wanted to stay in the ‘tribe’ that had held their back throughout their training. We have broadened it out to others so they too can benefit from the community we have.’

It’s my experience as a trainer and mentor that the therapists who question if they are doing the best for their clients are the ones who work with highest of integrity and care for their clients. 


Imagine being part of a collective of like minds who collaborate and share their knowledge. 


Imagine when you have access to experts who can guide and advise you on specific clients. 

Why you will love your membership ‘Changing Lives’?

  • Monthly supervision via a webinar

  • Access to our Customer Support angel Karen

  • Access to past supervision recordings

  • This is a growing platform so every month new videos and blogs are posted in the library

  • Personal transformation and growth

  • Access to past supervision recordings

  • Ask any questions to 


    • Ensure you are working to best practice
    • Keeping safe
    • Get new and unexpected perspectives
    • Confidential advice on specific clients

7 Foundation Videos to get you started

  • Introducing you to some of the basic premises of an integrated approach 

  • A background to understanding anxiety and depression 

  • Solution Focused psychological approach to healing

  • The 9 Basic Human Needs that help makes a human being well

  • Mind body spirit – the reason why it matters in therapy

  • Awareness and self care

  • Ethics and boundaries as a therapist

People in this group are kind and supportive. They are driven by high integrity and a passion to help others. They want to continually evolve not just their hypnotherapy practice but are committed to their own personal growth. If you are too – come and join us.

Not sure if we are right for you?


If you aren’t sure if we are right for you, join us for a month and check us out. If you don’t love us then you can back out and you will still leave with loads of information.


No need to feel concerned if you don’t have lots of clients yet. Whether you have none or just a few, it doesn’t matter to us. We just want you to grow in confidence and ability. Your client list will grow when that happens.


And if you are concerned about being on a webinar, you can just send in your questions and access the recordings after the live. I think that once you are with us you will love the chat and want to be part of this friendly group. 


Who it is for?


Any qualified hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, coach or counsellor who wants to extend her knowledge, ensure she is working ethically, confidently and helping her clients achieve the very best results.


We come from a point of view that you can’t separate mind body and spirit and they effect each other. So, expect occasional conversations around energy psychology as well as traditional psychology. Your starting point doesn’t matter – newly qualified – no problem as we do a special group for you?


Its not for people who:

  • think they know everything and want to show others how good they are
  • aren’t open to awareness that the mind and our thoughts effect the body and our life experience
  • therapists who don’t want to be of help and service to others



Will I get chance to ask my questions if there is a lot of people on the webinar?’


We will be putting a cap on the size of each group, and if there are questions outstanding after time. They will be answered afterwards so you the answer is on the recording. Or, it will be filmed and sent out alongside the recording.


If I am newly qualified will that put off other members? 


We have this covered and when we have a group of brand new people we can work with the separately for a while.


How do I access the recordings and other materials?


Through our on-line platform, which is, super easy to use. Literally click a button, put in your password and you’re in.


What if I have difficult accessing the platform?


Then you contact Karen our divine customer support angel. She will guide you through step by step.

Jill and Karen in a garden working at what they love so you can feel part of this wonderful tribe.

A Note from Jill


“I do hope you will join us and take the commitment to upgrade your practice. On a practical level the webinars go towards your required supervision hours for our industry associations. 


On a deeper level is not just the obvious upgrade in your working life but members notice a deepening self- awareness and personal growth too.


Never has there been a time like as this when we need to work together. 


Collaboration and cooperation and sharing within a group will expand all of us to be more than we

are as individuals.  I hope we can be of service to you."


Book your place on with us today and join the collective

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