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Yourself And Others

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Do you feel that you have untapped potential and aren’t living your fullest life?

Do you want to improve yourself and change outdated habits and beliefs?

Has your thirst for learning about the mind led you to personal growth programs but life is the same Groundhog day!

Could it be that you want to learn about the mind so you can help others live a rich and more meaningful life?

If you have tried to improve your life and not got the results you want. It’s likely that your energy has gone into consciously changing your behaviour, when the driving force is what’s happening in your subconscious mind.


Each time you make a new years resolution or a promise to yourself to do things differently – if you don’t bust the current mind patterns that have been running the show, you will meet stress, resistance and failure.


The process is called neuro-placticity and means your brain can disconnect the neural loops that are causing problems and literally re wire them to form connections that have you acting and feeling the way you want to

The easiest way to change your patterns is through hypnosis!

  • Feel confident


  • Feel calm when life is nuts busy

  • Get into the zone

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Change negative self-talk

  • Relax deeply

  • Take challenging situations in your stride

What do you get? 

Mini lectures

Jill takes the mystery out of hypnosis and breaks down what it is and how to use it into bite size chunks. She clearly explains each technique, exactly what hypnosis is and how to use it to benefit yourself and others.


Although you will learn how to do "Conversation Hypnosis' that's hypnosis without a script. We'll give you scripts so you can get familiar with hypnotic language patterns.

Demonstration videos

Watch Jill work with people to demonstrate the techniques she has talked about. You'll love seeing the client's faces relax.

Private Facebook Group  

For 8 weeks you will be able to access this group and use it to grow in confidence as you develop your skills. Jill will go on most days and answer your questions and watch out for a few great bonus posts.


A comprehensive set of notes to guide you through the exercises. And act as a reminder for what you have covered so far.


Mp3's that take you through practicing your hypnotic language. And, hypnosis downloads for you to enjoy. The personal mp3's will enable you to relax, and boost a positive mind set. 

After this course you will have 7 

life changing skills!

On this amazing course you will learn and come to understand:

  • Key skills for relaxation vitality and a calm mind

  • Four Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques

  • Self-hypnosis for increased well being creativity and focus

  • Help overcome anxiety and increase self confidence

  • How to access resourceful states in any situation.

  • How to ditch unwanted habits

  • Make your spoken language more hypnotic and hypnotise anyone without a script

  • Make your spoken language more hypnotic and hypnotise anyone without a script

  • Rapport building techniques at an unconcious level

  • The Basic Needs; the nearest thing to a guide book on how to be a happy human being

  • Key skills for emotional health

  • The leading edge scientific understanding of what hypnosis is

  • The hypnotic state is a core part of human psychology


People who want to:

  • Take control of their lives
  • Find ways to resolve problems and stuck habits
  • Get the edge in everyday business scenarios like meetings
  • Increase their performance in business or sport
  • Learn how the mind works
  • Practicing hypnotherapists who haven’t been taught how to do conversational hypnosis
  • Coaches, therapists, EFT practitioners, who would like to increase their effectiveness and learn skills that aid transformation
  • People who have an interest in developing a career as a hypnotherapist and want to make a difference to other peoples lives.


Why take an online hypnosis course?


With an online course, it allows you to read, watch and process new information in your own time.


You can do it at your own pace, give things a try and then come back to us to ask questions. Then practice again until you feel happy and confident with your new skill!

The big difference with this on line course is that you have live access to Jill via the Private Facebook Group. Ask questions, and enjoy the ongoing support!



‘I’m worried it’s an academic course and I haven’t studied for ages’


Hey, lots of people who do our course haven’t studied in years. Hypnosis is a very practical skill and so we do the Tell Show Do method of training so people learn easily. That means we break hypnosis and the mind stuff down into bite size chunks and piece it all together over the course.


Jill will talk about the basics one bit at a time and then demonstrate it via video. Then you get the chance to have a go too. People are really surprised at how much they learn without having to think too hard. From there we ask you to keep repeating this until all the information is in place.



‘Is hypnosis the same as meditation and visualisation?’


We could spend ages here going into to lots of detail but in short they are very similar as all are focused states of attention that involve similar brain wave states. And all can enhance powerful states or update instinctive responses.


‘Someone has said to me that hypnosis is dangerous. And when someone puts you in a hypnotic state you loose control.’


Let's go back to basics here. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring brain wave state without which we’d go bonkers. It’s similar to the REM state (rapid eye movement) lots of which is present when we dream or focus on something. You go into REM when you learn something new or update a habit, so it makes sense that when we want to have a better feeling about something, feel more relaxed or confident that we go to the place where all our instinctive responses are created.


All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis even when done by another person. So, you have more control when you are in hypnosis as it’s a good feeling place.


‘What does it feel like to be in hypnosis?’


Hypnosis can bring about many positive feelings but overall it makes a person feel calm happy and resourceful. 


I'm not good with computers!


We've got your back! And have made access uber easy.


The course is set up on a private facebook group. Once you have signed up you'll be emailed by our fabulous Customer Services Manager Karen Reynolds. Karen will be on hand to help you with any questions.


We will also add in the facebook group how to work through the materials and get the most out of the course.


Karen Reynolds

Jill’s right hand lady is Karen who heads up the Customer Care team. Karen is the brightest star, uber friendly and has the patience of a saint. Her value for family and community are extended to the ‘community’ that love what Jill does. Karen makes sure our customers and students are heard, helped and happy in any liaison with us.

What people have said about training  with Jill Wootton!

"The skills I learned in the course helped me excel in my career, enabling me to become a more resourceful communicator, confident to speak in front of hundreds of people and comfortably be interviewed on national radio and television.


Jill and the Within Sight team are excellent at what they do, in-depth instruction and teaching, a supportive mentoring and feedback structure and opportunities to work with real clients. 


I loved every minute of the diploma course and I am so grateful for all the opportunities it’s created and the friends I’ve made along the way."


H. Morrish, Brighton

“An AMAZING Course. Jill is an excellent trainer who is really passionate about the work she does which comes across in her training. The training is fun and transformational.”


H.Rahman. Teacher, North London 

"The course surpassed my expectations in many aspects. I found Jill to be extremely knowledgeable about her subject and she is clearly an excellent hypnotherapist”.


H.Hicks, Retired HR Director

"I have been given a solid set of powerful tools to help others make changes and transform their lives"


L.Kempt, Brighton


Within Sight Training

I have worked with many eminent people in the mind body field and became an expert hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Using a fusion of hypnotherapy, traditional and energy psychology, I have now coached and trained thousands and thousands of people to help overcome barriers to success and happiness.


So often your subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts to change your life. And no amount of will power stops negative emotion or unwanted behaviour. But there is a way to transform and be the best version of you. And it’s my passion to help you do that. I strip away confusing psychobabble about what makes a human being tick and bring you the keys to mastering your subconscious blueprints so you can create a life you absolutely love.


We live in extraordinary times. There has never been a greater need for everyone to step up to their person power and make clear choices about how they want to live their life.


I want to share the skills that helped me expand and create a career and life I love, I believe this to be my life’s work.


I hope you will sign up to this fun and transformational course. Sometimes human behaviour can be baffling. Understanding trance states and hypnosis provides the key to so many questions and the answers to becoming a stronger happier person.


Many past students have found their calling and trained further on our Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Diploma. These special people are now also spreading the growing word about this life changing skill.





Within this group you will have access to the everything you need.

All the videos, scripts, mp3's, demo's and workbook. You will also have a chance to post questions and share your progress so you can get the most out of this course. Jill will be on hand most days so you'll get unique access to her huge amount of experience to build your practical skills. Our groups are traditionally super friendly and supportive of each other - see you there! 


In these uncertain times, you need more than ever to manage your emotional state and care for your physical body. The ability to sleep well, have lots of energy, stay calm under pressure and feel happy can be the by-product of a handful of new skills.

To sign up to this BRAND NEW ONLINE course


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