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Ready to step into true, impactful and amazing transformation?


Not only will this diploma change your life but will allow you to then go on a change the lives of so many other people.


This investment in yourself truly creates the most stupendous, exhilarating and rewarding ripple you can ever imagine!

let Jill Wootton, Head Girl of the Diploma Course, tell you a little more.....

Is it time for to qualify as a...

  • Proficient

  • Effective

  • Safe

  • Confident

  • Multi-Skilled

  • Impactful

  • Savvy

Hypnotherapist ready to set up your own business?


Think  of the freedom of choosing your own working hours, location and even the people you work with.


Set up a business truly designed around you BUT that impacts, serves and supports a huge number of people – that’s TRUE job satisfaction right there, is it not?

🤔  Do you long to change career and do something really meaningful? Put something back and help others?


🤔  You think you have potential but can’t see the path ahead?


🤔  You may have searched for that next step, have a desire for learning and personal growth. Attended courses but haven’t been able to forge the career that hits the sweet spot.

Is this YOU?

A person who wants to make the most out of this life for yourself and your family? You get on with people, have an intuitive nature and a continuing desire to know more about the mind and how it works. Would love to be earning money from helping others?


We have spoken to many people like yourself and many of them are now past students. Out there today as hypnotherapists and coaches developing a business they love. They found their path and on route have grown beyond what they could have imagined.


Could it be you at the end of next year? Your own boss running your own business, choosing your own hours and transforming lives?


Yes, you!


Helping others to overcome barriers to happiness, wellness and success? Imagine what it will be like to cut through the mysteries of human behaviour and go to the places where fast and long lasting changes are made.

  • No  more searching as you have found your purpose. A business that you are passionate about.

  • Having learnt what helps others you have gone through a transformation too. Outdated old habits from the past having long gone and you feel empowered and strong? And if you think your expansion stops there, it doesn’t! With your skills – life continues to grow and evolve

  • You may specialise as some past students have – especially if they have backgrounds such as business education or nursing. Or, have experience in areas like weight loss or anxiety. Others choose to set up in general practice

  • No one telling where and when you should work, what your goals are or your deadlines. As your own boss you get to choose

  • A thriving business where you change people’s lives on a daily basis

If you are saying ‘YES’ this is the future you want but how do I get there? 

Take the first step and enjoy our Learn Hypnosis to help yourself and others course – and get a good feel if we are the right step for you. Then – 10 weekends in the mothership – one weekend a month where you will learn:

  • The truth about what causes problems from anxiety and additions to depression and low self esteem

  • The latest science of the mind to give meaning to why we teach what we do

  • The benefits of an integrated approach to give a holistic picture of what it takes to be a happy strong human

  • Watch experts doing client sessions demonstrating the techniques

  • Watch experts doing client sessions demonstrating the techniques

  • Enjoy the monthly support of an experienced mentor through the course

  • Monthly webinars  and assignments to consolidate your knowledge

  • Lots of practice and supervision doing real clients

I KNOW you know we say our courses are the bees 🐝 knees but before I take up anymore of your time let me tell you what others think of the questions ~ Why choose me and my team at Within Sight to take you to that next step? 

“I have worked with many eminent people in the mind body field and became an expert hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Using a fusion of hypnotherapy, traditional and energy psychology, I have now coached and trained thousands and thousands of people to help overcome barriers to success and happiness.


So often your subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts to change your life. And no amount of will power stops negative emotion or unwanted behaviour. But there is a way to transform and be the best version of you. And it’s my passion to help you do that. I strip away confusing psychobabble about what makes a human being tick and bring you the keys to mastering your subconscious blueprints so you can create a life you absolutely love.


We live in extraordinary times. There has never been a greater need for everyone to step up to their person power and make clear choices about how they want to live their life.


I want to share the skills that helped me expand and create a career and life I love, I believe this to be my life’s work.”


So, I set up Within Sight in 2010 to teach you what you need to know to qualify as an effective confident and safe hypnotherapist. I don’t need to tell you that everyone is different and so every competent therapist needs to have a broad range of skills to deal with the many types of issues that will come their way. On their own, hypnosis counselling or energy technique skills won’t be enough to help most people but together they provide an integrated set of skills that help you to quickly identify the main problems and find the best solution.


Yes, you will have to put the work in but we believe that all learning should be great fun. And because we have a wealth of experience in getting the skills across in an easy to absorb and enjoyable way. Myself and the main tutors and supervisors have over 6 decades of experience in training people in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and have trained over 2.500 people.


The rest of the team has been also selected for their expertise, sense of humour and friendly approach. All highly effective therapists and trainers, you won’t find any stuffy jargon-filled lectures; only lively presentations and unique practical’s that help embed your knowledge.

Jill & Nicola – the principle trainers but you will also get to know the mentors, supervisors and helpers, who will help make your journey with us life changing.

Choose a Payment Plan that’s right for you!


Course Fees: £3700


As the course has already started this year please contact us at to sort out joining us and

discuss payment options. 

This is what students Chloe and Jonathan had to say about their experience on the Diploma Course

“I’ve been so busy, I just couldn’t have imagined it really. Since the first week of January I have had 12 clients and have more booked in this week and next week. I feel like I’m really flying it’s really amazing. Not too sure how I’m fitting it all in with everything else but I am and loving every minute. Have had some really amazing results too and have found a system that works for me with regards to booking, paying deposits and follow up sessions.


I have 4 kids booked in with parents over the next couple of weeks too and am enjoying and relishing this opportunity I have to change peoples lives. I’m really looking forward to the EFT course as well and can see it as yet another string to my bow."

Philip Lear

March 2019

“My client list is growing by the day and I haven’t even got the website up and running yet. I am finding it so rewarding – I just love it.


I still thank my lucky stars every day that I found your weekend on Living Social – it has changed my life and continues to help me find me and uncover who I really am.”


June 2019

“I am so happy I enrolled for the Diploma, it was everything I expected and more. The teaching and individual mentoring was outstanding throughout with a fantastic team. It was a profound and life changing journey both personal and professional and I have a new understanding of life, relationships and myself.


The course structure is so that you qualify with all the tools and knowledge in hand to be a great therapist. I am looking to set up as a Hypnotherapist and I look forward to help others through the techniques, tips and resources I am now equipped with.”



Within Sight Training is an intensive and comprehensive training system that embraces all aspects of Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Pyschotherapy. Skillfully crafted to embrace the many areas a future therapist will encounter and led by highly experienced professionals.’

Captain Jeff Cowan


"Words can never say enough, meeting and training with Jill quite simply changed my life. I still remember the conversation we had when I was trying to decide whether the course was for me. Jill just said imagine what life would be like to not do the course, unthinkable now! Amazing lady full of heart, knowledge and a wonderful capability to share it all.”

"Yes, the course prepares you well for working as a therapist, however, it is so much more . . . it is transformational and everything we cover comes from the belief that we can all thrive and be happy. If you are interested in understanding yourself and others, this course offers a very thorough understanding in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. This course also enables you follow your own areas of interest and to grow both personally and professionally. The holistic approach taken is well received and enables deep learning to take place.


The content of the course is well considered and highly relevant. Jill is a generous teacher and able to easily share theoretical insight and practical applications in engaging ways. Both Jill and Karen are focused on setting students up for success, this makes such a difference. The lectures, notes, tutorials, mentor support, webinars, videos, practice session all create a framework for effective learning. The support from the mentors is awesome. They offer on-going advice and guidance throughout the course and being active practitioners and graduates, as a student you get valuable insights into meeting the needs of your client and also looking after yourself. 


My peers are brilliant, open, friendly and willing to share. Our peer work is a vital part of the course and we meet online and for f2f practice. We are colleagues and friends, supporting each other on our wonderful journeys though this amazing transformational work.


I highly recommend the course on so many levels."


June 2019

What a fantastic weekend, I am still processing everything. I can’t believe the changes in me since I started this journey, it has totally reframed the way I look at situations in my past and is giving me the tools to move forward in a positive and enthusiastic way. I can’t thank you enough Jill – it is life changing.’



Not Sure? Worried you won't have time to study?

Past students have said you need about 4 hours a week to do well in the course. We know training to be a safe effective and confident hypnotherapist, is a marathon and not a sprint. You have a year and an awesome team to help learn and grow your skills. Mums with new babies and jobs have done this course! So as long as you have the capacity to do around 4 hours a week and attend the weekends plus some general reading you will complete the course. If you experience unforeseen circumstances that stop you being able to do all the modules you can always do the course over a longer period.

I know I get on well with people and they talk to me easily but I doubt my ability to become a therapist.

We love people like this as they have high integrity and really want to make sure that if ever they do this work they are doing their very best for their clients. The course will enable you to build confidence in 3 main ways. Sometimes faith in ourselves - or lack of it comes from our own outdated programs from when young. Through the course many students find they recognise and shift that which stands in the way of their potential.

I'm not sure I can get the money

I could go on at length here but there are 3 main answers.

  • Often our financial situation reflects our inner beliefs and so if you work on this and have a clear vision of what you want for the future you may be surprised at what comes your way
  • You can pay over a longer period
  • Sometimes it is priority so maybe another year? Or, is it one of those things where you just need to step up to what you believe is right and make the investment your future self will thank you for?

Who does the course?

  • People who want a comprehensive in-depth training that will set them up as a safe effective and confident hypnotherapist.

  • Mum’s going back to work who want more flexible working hours and a new career

  • People who have always had an interest in the mind and human behaviour and want to learn more

  • People who have an interest in helping others and want to make an impact on the world

  • Health care professionals such as midwives, social workers, occupational therapists and community psychiatric nurses

  • Business professionals who want to learn more about managing people and getting the best out of them. We have trained many coaches, Human Resource managers and sales personnel

  • People who want to take control of their life by starting their own business or who want a career change

  • People who can dig down, be brave and are open to new ideas and ways of working

  • Hypnotherapist that have already qualified but don’t feel they have the confidence and skills to practice (we get a lot of students like this)

The course isn't for

  • People who want to stay exactly as they are and have no interest in personal development

  • People who have no interest in helping people but whose interest is to get rich quick  (you can make a really good living but need to have a genuine interest and passion in this business

  • People who don’t want to be part of a team of students – people form great connections with other students on this course – people who have your back and will help you progress

  • People who want to learn a one trick pony technique that will be suited to everyone

Choose a Payment Plan that’s right for you!

Pay in Full


Paid Today

    Pay Monthly


    Paid Today


    Paid Monthly for 10 Months

    Our Students Go On To Get Great Results With Their Clients


    We have developed a multi layered and comprehensive teaching, learning and support network


    Our holistic, yet science based teachings are centred on four vital principles

    • The hypnotic state is an innate part of human psychology. Understanding how hypnosis and the REM state affects our emotions and physical state, takes the mystery out of why humans go off track and  gives us the key to getting them back.
    • We come to this world with a set of physical and emotional needs, which if met, help us to flourish and if not, can cause mental and physical illness. This holistic approach helps people get better and stay well.
    • Solution focused or brief therapy is highly effective in achieving positive change in a wide variety of emotional and physical health issues.
    • We teach what you need to know to be an effective safe therapist, capable of dealing with human suffering at many levels. We do not teach lots of historical theory and dated principles that can clutter the road to healing.

    The Main Diploma Modules

    • Effective counselling skills: From the first call to follow up sessions, understand safe, client led practice

    • Nutrition and Health: Are inextricably linked, we are what we eat so learn what food helps to lift many problem conditions.

    • Lift Anxiety, Phobia and Trauma: Learn the Rewind Technique


    • Advanced Hypnotic Skills



    • Lift Depression



    • Weight and Compulsive Eating



    • Peak Performance



    • Managing pain and dealing with physical illness


    • Understanding Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome


    • Setting up in Practice – help set up in practice and sustain a therapists well being


    • Positive psychology: Solution Focused Therapy is proven to be highly effective in freeing up negative thinking patterns

    • The Power of Metaphor: To reframe problem situations


    • Addictions and dependencies: Learn the key skills to free people from addictions


    • Anger Management Skills



    • How to help people through relationship and sexual problems


    • Self-Esteem and Confidence



    • Energy Medicine for healing mind and body - Part 1 of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


    • OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



    • The Emotional Intelligent Therapist’s Mindset


    How much work is involved?


    As a pre requisite to the Diploma there is a short course that needs to be completed called ‘Learn Hypnosis To Help Yourself And Others’.  For details click here.


    The Diploma course is made up of ten weekends, if you miss one you will simply be required to write up notes on what was taught. (With a little help from your mentor of course!) there are modular assignments after every weekend to help embed your knowledge and skills. So on average we think that about four hours a week will ensure that you are ahead in your learning.


    Weekend Dates:


    22/23rd February

    21/22nd March

    2/3rd May

    30/31st May

    27/28th June

    25/26th July

    5/6th September (TBC )

    10/11th October (TBC)

    7/8th November (TBC)

    5/6th December (TBC)


    Is the course recognised by a professional body?


    The course is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Committee and the Hypnotherapy Association. They are the ONLY 2 independent awarding bodies in hypnotherapy. The others all have links to training schools.


    How can I be sure I will retain all the information?


    Our training embraces all learning styles, students often tell us how easily they absorb information through the mix of lectures, innovative practical sessions and discussion. Backed up by a mentoring scheme and constant exposure to the basic principles, students steadily build their knowledge and are confident in applying their skills (All mentors are experienced professionals and qualified practicing therapists; who have been through the Within Sight mentoring training).


    What if I have to miss a day/weekend?


    There are always a few students who can’t make every weekend because of already booked holidays, illness and unexpected events. So, we send you recordings of what was covered and you write up summaries.  Your mentor will go over the subjects to make sure you have covered everything.


    If you have to miss a day when you would do a client session we slot that in for another weekend or occasionally in between weekends.


    Where is the course run?


    All of our courses run from the University of Brighton, Falmer BN1 9PH. The purpose built training centre The Checkland Building is about an hour from London by car and easily accessed by train. There is on site accommodation and with Brighton just 10 minutes away by train or bus, you can choose from a wealth of places if you want to stay over.


    What if I have any problems with any aspect of the course or the technology?


    If it is to do with one of the aspects of learning, your mentor or Jill will help you in between weekends. On weekends any of the staff will be more than happy to listen and support you.


    If your questions are to do with anything besides the teaching our Customer Care Angel Karen is on hand. Karen is our awesome anchor girl who keeps everything running like clockwork and will be there for you to answer and sort any questions. She will also point you to the right person if it’s not her bag. She will be an invaluable point of reference for you.

    Choose a Payment Plan that’s right for you!

    Pay in Full


    Paid Today

      Pay Monthly


      Paid Today


      Paid Monthly for 10 Months

      WOW another great weekend, I loved it so much. Your way of teaching is second to none. I am shocked at how much I actually take in and remember. You make learning easy, interesting and so much fun

      Kirsty Hurrell

      Norwich, 2011

      I wish I had found your course before the hypnosis course I did


      East Sussex, 2012

      I now feel that I have a structure and the knowledge in place that will enable me to competently and confidently hold a therapeutic session where I am able to deal with anything the client brings in a professional, holistic and healing manner. I also feel that I can now accept that there is no right or wrong way to do this and that every session is and will be a learning path leading to becoming a better therapist

      K Sawley


      I knew from the introductory course that I loved the teaching style, and I visualised myself as a therapist and felt that it really did fit, so I took the plunge and have never been so grateful for choosing the right path.


      The course weekends were all very full, but always went very quickly. The teaching style is very easy to follow and so engaging that it feels like no effort at all. The information, and there is a lot of it, just seems to be absorbed while you enjoy listening to all the wealth of stories and new ideas.


      Apart from Jill’s quite exceptional teaching, that is one of the main aspects of this course that totally sets it apart from any other course. You do practise, and practise and practise! From day one you find yourself starting your first inductions, this continues on all the weekends, you are encouraged to find lots of friends to practise on and then there are the assessed client sessions. These were brilliant (if a little daunting to begin with), and allow you to really show what you’ve learnt and get some detailed and constructive feedback from the mentors. The level of teaching, the rigour of the structure you are taught, the constant practise and the overwhelming positivity and encouragement that I encountered on this course have I believe led me to becoming a good therapist, who will continue to grow and develop. I am from a very academic background, and always felt the level of learning to be excellent, but have also found that it has opened my mind to many new ways of thinking. Most of all, I think this course has equipped me to really help others, and that is exactly what I wanted, to be able to make that change for others that I experienced six years ago. I will always be grateful to Jill and her team, not just for the learning and experience but for the transformation that they created in me

      J Bantock-Snaith


      Whilst writing this addition to this page, I have just finished the sixth weekend with the Class of 2019. We are heading into the Summer break and as always I am in awe of each individual in the group and you may be wondering why.


      Yes, they are a bright friendly motivated group but then all of our year groups are.


      Yes, the team and I have witnessed massive skill development and personal growth.


      Yes, they have each others backs and are so supportive of each other.


      Yes, if they continue this way they will all go on to make a huge difference to many peoples lives.


      But that’s not why I am in awe of them and every year we have taught.


      It’s because through the hard work, the personal hurdles students face when learning this in depth material about human life. The resulting self awareness and determination to succeed – they show up! They don’t wait for another day or year – they follow that call to make a difference and sometimes that means making a difference inside. Digging down to learn and grow. And for that – their journey fills my heart with pride.


      Are you ready to make a difference? To grow and help others to find freedom?


      If YES take the first step and sign up today…’

      © Withn Sight 2019. All Rights Reserved.